A look back at 2012


I’ve been blogging since May 2012 and I’ve really enjoyed my first calendar year of doing so. It’s been interesting for myself and makes me appreciate how much I do, how interesting it is and how much I enjoy it. The blog seems to have grown arms and legs throughout the year and I’m always surprised when people mention it to me. It had just under 24,000 views in the seven months it’s been active – so thanks for viewing. Anyway, I thought I would recap 2012 by looking back at some of my own favourite posts, or the ones that proved popular.

Here is a post introducing my chickens. Since that post was written, I have doubled the number of hens.


I experimented with some organic fertiliser on the crops this year – seaweed! Don’t ask me if it was successful though, the pigs cleaned out all the vegetables when I was away for a weekend in the summer!


Every Niseach’s (Ness-person) favourite day of the year – the first taste of the fresh Guga!


In August, a Minke Whale was washed up on Port of Ness beach


I decided to start blogging after some of the reactions I got on facebook while documenting my lambing last year. The blog was about 6 weeks after lambing so I only had a summary of what happened. 2013 will be very different though!


Peat is an important fuel for many people in the islands, and I’m no different. Here is a snapshot of what it’s like in the 21st century. We plan on cutting some with the taraisgeir this summer. Oh the joys!


The most viewed post of the year was when I had some unexpected arrivals on the croft – 13 chicks! Another 11 arrived a few weeks later and I’m sure regular visitors will have followed their progress since then.


In addition to the day job and the crofting, I also do some tv work. I am a lucky man!


And that encourages me to attend the local sheepdog trial, which is held every July


One of the lowpoints of the year was when I lost one of my favourite sheep.


My father and I attempted fishing with lin-bheaga in the summer – it wasn’t very successful…


I had problems with an eye infection in the sheep for several weeks. One of the days was disastrous


But it did eventually clear up, after the 3rd vet visit.


I go through stages of taking lots of photographs – sometimes it pays off! This was a truly stunning morning


And here is a walk on the moor


I got a new dog in 2012. Here is Bud the puppy.


And here he is as a sheepdog in training!


And finally, I’ll leave you with my brother Innes’ guest post from December.


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