Sick Lamb

I checked the sheep last night and came across the below lamb, which is obviously not well.  It’s face, eyes, ears, everything were extremely swollen.  I have had a sheep like this before (her picture is at the bottom) so gave it some penicillin straight away.  The other sheep lost her ears, eyelids and horns, so I expect the same to happen with this one.  The ewe has gone on to have lambs on numerous occasions but unfortunately this one is a male so he won’t be hanging around as long!!  I’m taking him into the barn tomorrow as it appears the swelling is due to photo-sensitivity (allergic to light).  I posted it on facebook and have been told it is yellowsis (which I knew) but that it was not caused by ragwort (which is what I thought) but by another plant, possibly Bog Aspohdel.  I’m confident the lamb will pull through, just got to keep an eye on it!

The sheep that had yellowsis before, with the twins she had this year.  I seem to remember delivering one of them at 5.30 one cold morning!


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