Failed shearing

I forgot to post last Saturday, after our failed attempt to shear the sheep.

We got them all into the fank early in the morning, but the weather soon turned – as expected – meaning we had to postpone.


I took the opportunity to worm the sheep, seeing they were all penned anyway. I had one surprise lamb born 2 weeks ago. A real beauty.


Once we had all drenched our sheep, we put them all into the village park for the week, to save hassle gathering them again.


So I finished up for the day, cold, wet and fed-up. Not how you should be in July!


Shearing. Or maybe not.

We’re supposed to be shearing sheep today but I’m writing this from my sitting room, as the rain has just started.

It’s a miserable day here, with the wind probably 40+mph. We started gathering the sheep at 8am and had them all in the fank by 9.30.

The rain started at approximately 9.40, as expected!

Awaiting the phonecall from the contractor, but I don’t see much getting done today – and I don’t fancy hanging about all day to see if it dries up!