Farpaisean Chon Chaorach

So a wee break from the norm last weekend, started filming series 5 of Farpaisean Chon Chaorach (Sheepdog trials) for BBC Alba.  Some of you may know that in another life, I present this programme, and have done so since it began.  This is over and above my day-to-day work with the BBC.

We were at Ian Brownlie’s farm near Alloa.  I’d been there before, filming a feature in series 1 in 2008.  Anyway, here is myself and my co-presenter, Catriona MacPhee.

But I think this is closer to our usual on-screen relationship…..

Every good programme needs a good Director, and here is ours; Gary Coia.  Gary has been our Director since day one and he is responsible for FCC’s unique style!  Here he is with his new “hat of power”

Here are 2 of the crew, Anne Morrison (from Lewis) and Laura Dickson.  Never realised that Laura was out of focus – sorry Laura!

Mairi Alice Bartlett is also from Lewis, but she wasn’t as willing to pose for camera!!

Stan Leech is one of 5 cameramen who cover the trials, here he is filming from his platform

His ‘platform’ is his van!

The sixth cameraman on the shoot is Neil MacConnell (also from Lewis), he films the hilarious links that we presenters deliver!


Oh, there are also some sheep and dogs on these days….  Here is Mary Caul running.  I will get more pics over the next few weeks, there is a distinct lack of dogs so far!

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