Unplanned Pregnancy! Warning – cute pics!


Well, these things always happen on a Sunday!

I was going out this afternoon to feed the hens and heard all this chirping coming from the long grass behind the ruins of our old barn. Uh-oh, I knew what it was straight away as there have been a couple of hens awol for a wee while.

So I ran over and was greeted by this hen


I wasn’t sure how many there were but I guessed over ten. I phoned my mother to come give me a hand and we managed to get all THIRTEEN rounded up straight away!


All nice and exciting, but this is when things got interesting. I wanted to find where the eggs had hatched, just to make sure we had them all. We did so, finding 2 dead ones in the nest, along with one dud


THEN I heard another hen make the slightest of noises, low and behold, we found THREE other hens, all sitting on eggs!!




The last one there is black and very difficult to spot. I reckon there are another 30 or so eggs under these hens. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with all of these chicks – especially as I’m away on Tuesday for over a week!!


Here is my mother searching for nests amongst the long grass.

Martin also liked the chicks!


We’ve moved the hen and chicks into a room in the barn for the time being, where my mother can keep an eye on them. She’s also going to have to come in a couple of times a day to keep check the unhatched ones too!

I previously blogged about my chickens and have only had one chick before this, but that didn’t end well.

Here is the hen as we left her, sitting on the chicks.



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