My Chickens

I’ve only had chickens since April 2011, when I took over responsibility for my cousin’s 3 hens because she was being daft and prioritised getting married and building a house with her husband over animals (some people are crazy!) 🙂

Here are some of my hens as they are today.  Total of 10 hens and 2 cockerels.

I have two hen houses for them.  I only close them up when the weather gets bad, but they are free to come and go whenever they like.

They’re always out and about, here they are sheltering from a cold northerly by the wheel of the trailer. The trailer definitely needs a lick of paint!

Being chased by some hungry chooks!

I slowly built up the number of hens over the year, adding a few in autumn and a few more over the winter and into spring.  The two below came in February, having hitched a lift from Inverness on a lorry-load of hay that was being delivered to Island Crofter Ltd, a business run by a friend of mine.  I happened to be off work so nipped up and took them off their hands. They had laid 2 eggs on the lorry, but I let them keep them! (The picture also appeared in Fios, the newspaper in Ness)

I recently purchased 4 new hens.  This is one of them, while they were penned next to the rest of the hens during the first week or so.  I think I’ll stay at this number of hens now!

They’re pretty productive, usually ranging between 4-8 eggs per day.  Many more than I (and my parents) can use, so I have started selling them to friends for £1 per half dozen.  Quite cheap, I know but it more than covers my monthly feed costs and that’s all I want.

Some of the younger birds have just started laying – resulting in some tiny eggs!

Anyway, along with eggs, I get fun and enjoyment out of keeping chickens!


  1. Hello 🙂
    We have 4 hens and 1 cockerel, but some of our neighbour’s have moved over, so we have a kind of chicken commune. Luckily, they all lay in our nest box though. They are good fun to have around, but they do make a mess of the door steps. Lots of tortillas and French toast being made these days.

  2. Hi great hens they are so good for destressing. I always think that hens walk just like Maggie Thatcher used to when carring her handbag. Sold all mine here in Cumbria shall get more in Loch Carron I don’t think mine will get quite so much freedom as we have several foxes and some pinemartins close by. Mine have had odd names in the past ie. Mrs Fuss Alot Beverley Scrat Pants and a wonderful funny cockrel known as Life On The Fringe Have you given yours names because of their characters Reguards Auntywainright

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