The day in pictures

It’s 11.30pm as I write this. I’m in bed and I’m exhausted but it’s been another great day.

I did my first rounds of the sheep some time after 6. I don’t set an alarm or go at a particular time, I just wake up around that time and go outside asap.

I nearly always go back to bed and did so today, sleeping until nearly 9am. The morning was quite easy, as I was still stiff from football training last night. Quite often, a boy from the next village comes to help me on the croft and today was his first visit of the year. Here is Uisdean holding the lamb that was born on Saturday (no lambs since)


We did the usual stuff while Uisdean was about: fed the sheep, tidied up etc.

When I was cleaning out the shed, I came across the big cat, sound asleep, chilling in t


The day wasn’t all good, though. Dolaidh Beag, who uses a croft near mine, came to me to say he’d found a dead sheep that wasn’t his. I went up to have a look and it wasn’t nice. The poor thing had jumped a fence, for its rear legs stuck and its neck rested on the top wire, choking the poor animal. It was still warm when I reached it, probably dead no more than 10 mins. I’ve been in touch with the owner to let him know and covered the carcass, to stop birds getting to it.


I got this quick snap of one of the pullets jumping up onto Murdo’s car. Chickens really make me laugh – great animals to just sit and watch.


Finally tonight, I put 24 eggs into the incubator 10 days ago. I candled them tonight and looks as if 12-15 will be ok. Delighted with that, if it carries on. They’re due to hatch on Thursday 11th April – when I’m at a friend’s wedding! Fortunately Innes is home and will be on duty.


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