I’ve spent a good few weeks thinking about how to make the croft more profitable. It gives me so much more pleasure than anything else I do, but the monetary returns are no-where near representative of the work put in.

So, plans are afoot to add value to some of the produce on the croft.

First of all, my true crofting love: sheep. Yes, it has been an awful, awful, winter when it comes to sheep but that won’t change anything. This autumn, I will be selling lamb meat-boxes for the first time. Seems crazy that I haven’t done it before. I can get a bit more for my lamb and the customer can get quality meat at a cheaper price than they would from a butcher or supermarket.

Secondly, some of you may have noticed that I’ve been increasing my chicken numbers recently. I have been selling eggs to some people at work but I cannot keep up with demand, so I am looking to up numbers to approximately 50 hens, hoping to have 30-40 eggs a day. That should provide a wee bit more income for a lot longer each year. Currently the only income is from the lambs sold in autumn, and the few eggs I sell just now.

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