I burnt some small patches of dead grass today. We’ve had some problems in the North West Highlands and the Islands with muir burning going out of control, so I was extra careful today.

Myself and my brother erected some pens yesterday and, from the picture below, you can see that there is a lot of old and dead grass.


I burnt the grass in small patches, maybe 1-2 metres square at a time, and had a hose with me to control it.


The long grass had given me some problems last year, the hens had been laying eggs in it and that then led to eggs hatching without my knowledge.

Hopefully it shouldn’t give me any problems

I’m not sure how muir burning can be kept under control without water. I experimented late on in the day, trying to beat the fire out. It kept flaring up again and again. This is how it is tonight.


I didn’t burn the whole area, just the large clumps that were smothering everything else.

This is the view back towards the house. The area is an iolainn – I’m not sure what the English translation would be. It was a walled area behind the old barn. The remains of the wall are on the right hand side of this picture, providing a fire-break. The dirt-track/road on the left does the same, as does the ruins of the barn between the fire and the house. Never any danger of the fire spreading


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  1. My goodness, memories! Haven’t thought of the word iolainn for many a year. I remember the one at my seanair’s house at U.S. – the walled area to the side of the byre. My auntie Annie had some redcurrant canes growing in it. I wonder where she got them? Sometimes we kids even left a few for her to make a jar of jam! The hens loved it, lots of hidey holes for nests.

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