A day of chickens

It’s just after 8pm as I write this, and I’ve been asleep for an hour, absolutely shattered after all I’ve done today. Think the hold I have/had took more out of me than I realised!

Instead of working on sheep all day, I caught up on some of the work that needed doing with the chickens.

First up was making a wee henhouse for the chicks. That didn’t take too long.

Next up was sorting out the henhouses. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I took one of them into the barn for painting over Christmas but that proved to be disastrous. I ended up repainting that one last night and then got cracking again this morning. I managed to get another 2 coats on today. The dry weather and stiff breeze meant that it was easily done outside.


As you can see, I only did the roof. That’s because I was using a tin of Ronseal wood stain and only had a little left after painting another henhouse.


The Ronseal stuff was an awful lot better than the Cuprinol I used on the first one. I also stapled some waterproof rubber to the underside, which should protect it further.

Things are looking up a bit for the hens now!


I fixed the door on the big hen house as well, to make it easier for me to clean it out and collect eggs.

One last thing to do. I don’t normally lock up the hen houses at night, but I did tonight. Last night, over half the hens were in one of the smaller houses, leaving it full of chicken poo and no eggs. I reckon the hens are warmer but they don’t lay as well when packed in like that.


Do tonight, I was stricter. I made sure they were spread out evenly amongst the henhouses, 6 in each.




That’s 17 hens plus one cockerel. It’ll give me an idea which ones are laying as well.

There are another 4 older hens too. I don’t know if they’re laying at all so I’ve put them in with the chicks. Not sure what I’ll do with them. Maybe have to cull them, we’ll see. I’ll give them a chance anyway!

So that’s that. And the chicks are all nice and cosy in their new house too. Think they’ll appreciate it in this cold weather.


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