Homemade henhouse

The chicks are growing fast now and getting a wee bit too big for the wee run that they’ve been in up till now, so I had to act this morning to put things right. I actually lay in bed worrying about them at 6am this morning!

Here they are before Christmas, sitting on the run that they’ve been using.


I gathered a few scraps of wood in the barn and threw them together. Hey presto:


I found a roll of some rubber like material so I stapled some of that to the underside, to minimise the water absorbed from the ground, and a left over piece of roofing material from when we re-roofed the barn fitted perfectly.


It’s not perfect but it’s a quick fix. It’ll make do until I put everything the way I want it in the summer.

There are 9 chicks left and they’ve been joined by the new cockerel and 4 older hens I want to keep an eye on and work out if they’re still laying eggs.

They’ll be more comfortable in here now. I think it’ll be nice and cosy, especially with the bitterly cold winds we’ve had this week.


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