A quiet sheep day

I didn’t do much with the sheep today, a nice break from all the work I’ve been doing most Saturdays for the past few months.

I did have to drench the lambs again today. A few of them have the spùt so trying a different drench with them.

Managed to get them cornered with Bud’s help, so I got a couple of hurdles and made a temporary pen. Didn’t take long to drench them.


One of the cheviot lambs has taken to blackening its face – must want to be a Blackface!


That was about that. Fed the 15 sheep at home, as well as the lambs and rams, and took a spin out to the moor to feed the ones out there. I only found about 30 of them so might go out for a walk tomorrow, to see if I can spot the 18 that I’m missing.

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