Late-night work

I’ve been off work with a cold but I felt a lot better tonight, so after 9pm I went out to the barn to do some odd jobs.

I painted one of the hen houses over the Christmas holidays and took another in for painting last week. I gave it its last coat of paint tonight and it’ll be back with the hens tomorrow.

I also did some prep work for the morning. Planning on building a new hen house for the chicks. I did some sawing tonight and ended up cutting my own finger :/


I already mentioned that I’d painted one of the hen houses over the holidays but I had problems with it, the paint washing off after one day outside. Seeing as I had the paint out and the brush handy, I decided to give the roof a quick coat at 10pm. Not the most normal thing I’ve done but I’ve done nothing for 2 days so had energy to burn, and there is no rain forecast for 48 hours, so plan on getting a few coats on ASAP.


I had a wee look at the hens too. For some reason, there are at least half of them (11) in the smaller hen house. I’ve just clicked that the larger one is susceptible to drafts when the wind is the direction it is tonight.


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