Things come in threes

Well, that’s the end of a crap day. Just home from burying the Gimmer at 9.30pm. I had noticed a chicken earlier that was coughing, spluttering and rasping, so I moved her into the shed. She was still there around 9.10 when my dad and I went to bury the Gimmer. We buried her and I was going to send the chicken out with him to put in the barn overnight, but she’d dropped dead on me too! Not a good day and hopefully no other hens will be suffering.



  1. Really sad to read of all your recent woes and losses. Hope that’s the end of it. I was watching a really interesting Country Calendar programme on TV last Sunday evening about a poultry farm in the Manawatu; 6000+ hens, all organic farming. The farmers said they put apple cider vinegar in the hens’ drinking water, as a general tonic (for potassium, trace minerals etc). My ears pricked up as I have been drinking ACV daily, in warm water with a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, first thing in the morning for the last 25+ years, as a general tonic. Keeps my joints lubricated & moving easily so I don’t get knobbly bits on my fingers.

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