Thursday is the new Saturday

Well, it has been another busy day. I’m away to Glasgow tomorrow afternoon for Scotland v Wales (football), so I tried to get as many of the chores as possible out of the way tonight. I have the day off work tomorrow and I finished up today shortly after 3, so I’ve had a few hours to get stuff done. I fly out at 12.25 tomorrow and back after 4 on Saturday, so I’m not away too long.

I noticed a problem with one of the hoggs this morning, its pupils are permanently dilated and it’s not seeing properly. I popped into the vet’s and picked up some jags for it. I described the symptoms to the vet and she was puzzled by it. I’ve got the following jags for it anyway, and they have been administered.


I took the Hogg into one of my emergency lambing pens in my shed, so I’ll keep a close eye on it and see how it gets on. There’s a Gimmer (female sheep lambing for first time) in there too, she was a wee bit sluggish today so I’ve taken her inside for while I’m away.


I had 2 deliveries today as well. I bought a new hay-ring on Tuesday and it was delivered today. £145. That’s quite expensive but it should last me a lifetime!


I’ve not used these big bales before and this was my first one. It all happened by accident, I got a text of another crofter in Ness earlier in the week, saying he had an extra one delivered so I took it off his hands. Introducing the one and only Willie Gunn. A nicer guy you could not meet!


I’ve got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow as well, before I go, so in going to chill tonight!

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