I’m trying something today that I’ve never tried before; incubating eggs. I’ll explain why in another post shortly but just now it’s incubation.

I bought a second hand incubator about a month ago, and now I’ve bought some eggs to hatch in it. I’ve been following @chickenstreet on twitter and his blog, picking up some tips and I got in touch with Andy 10 days ago about purchasing some eggs for hatching.

They were sent next-day delivery on Monday, but island life means it’s 4pm Wednesday before they arrive! Hopefully this won’t have any adverse effect on the eggs.


I’ve set the incubator up in my spare bedroom and set it running a wee while ago. Hopefully it’ll be simple enough to use (I’ve done some reading on the subject) and I’ll have some chicks in 3 weeks.


The eggs have been in transit for 2 days, so they are in the spare room, with the point down, for the next day, to allow the air sack to settle. I also checked with my neighbour, Genma, who has an incubator and has hatched chicks before. I hope I’m doing things right, but we’ll find out in the next 21 days!


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