A few sheep odd-jobs

I had a few pieces of sheep-related work to do today. First of all, I had to bury the lamb that died yesterday. I took it in to the bottom of the croft, where the sandy soil is much easier to dig.


While I was down there, I noticed a lot of water lying on the croft. I haven’t seen this much water on the croft in years.


I blogged before about how wet it has been and also about a new loch that has appeared. It wasn’t too dissimilar at the bottom of the croft, with a lot of water accruing and a stream that has been dry for years flowing again.


You can see that the water is spreading out and not flowing properly, so I cleaned out the stream/drain, seeing as I had the spade with me anyway.



So the water should hopefully drain away quicker now.


I had another quick job to do too. Some of the sheep I moved onto new grazing last week have been escaping, so myself and Innes fixed the fence by putting up a couple of posts and some new fencing.

How impressed does he look at being dragged out of his bed to come help??


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