Cleaning out the hen houses

As I usually do every week/10 days, I cleaned out the hen houses. I hate doing it, the worst, smelliest job on the croft. I have 3 small hen houses for the 22 hens. 2 of them were painted in the summer but that paint obviously wasn’t up to scratch as it has all but gone within 6 months! I decided to repaint one of them, so got it into the barn today.

Innes came in to help me get it into the trailer. (Which could also do with a lick of paint!)


I then got the hose out and gave it a clean.




It’s now in the barn, drying off, and hopefully I’ll be able to give it a coat of paint tomorrow. I’ll get this one done in next couple of days and then get the other one in drying over the weekend.

I also put up a shelter in front of one of the other hen houses. I rarely lock them up for the night and the prevailing winds hit it square on.


The observant amongst you will notice that the ‘after’ picture is a lot darker, as I went off to do some other work before finishing this.


More of the hens went into this one tonight, as the other one is in the barn.

While we were working on all of this, I slipped on the wet ground – fortunately Innes whipped out his phone to preserve the moment!



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