One of the problems I’ve encountered this year is lack of grazing. I have increased the number of sheep slowly over the last couple of years, but haven’t really increased my grazing. I have enough to get by, but that’s all.

I happened to bump into a guy in the village the other day and he was more than happy for me to put sheep on a part of his croft that is never used.

Here is the croft. The field with the waymarker is one I already use and the one with the blue outline is the new one that I’m using. (Google Maps link here)


The grass is very long on it, probably at least 10 years since it was grazed. It could do with cattle on it first but will have to make-do with sheep.



This video really shows how long/deep the grass is.

Here are the sheep on the croft. I’m not sure why, but I found it extremely peaceful to be there earlier today.


That means that, as things stand today, this is the layout of the land that I use. There is land spread over 5 crofts, the 3 village parks (common grazing) and one apportionment. (Google maps)


Looks like a lot, but not really!

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