2 left

I now have TWO sheep left to lamb. Getting close to that magical number.

I was refereeing a Ness Under-18 game last night (Ness won 12-2 v Harris) and got home around 9pm. Waiting for me was the final gimmer having lambed and not 100% sure about the lamb. You get that sometimes, sheep that have their first lamb not quite sure what they’re doing. Kind of battling with their natural mothering instincts. I took them into the barn, just to be safe.




This was the last of the gimmers that I bought off a friend of mine, Donald Macrury, last year. Finally a ewe lamb. If it comes on ok, I’ll keep that one.


Yes, I don’t look happy – but I was really. I obviously couldn’t multitask; holding the lamb and smiling at the same time!

Right next to this sheep are the lambs that are being bottle-fed. The back door of the barn is open, and they can come in and out as they please. Here is Lazarusina feeding from the milk bucket. This is a great invention. Lambs feed when they want and don’t relate food with humans, so are more sheep than human. Hopefully!

Anyway, 2 sheep left to lamb. I’d love it if they popped soon!

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