I had a chat with another crofter tonight, which has reinvigorated me in terms of my flock of sheep.

I’ve had such a disastrous winter with them: I’m basically going to have to start again this autumn. The Big Fellow died on Saturday, but this was to be his last year anyway. I’d spoken to DJ Murray about getting a tup lamb off him this year, as he got a particularly good ram last year. We had a chat about this towards the end of last year, and he phoned me about this earlier today. He was choosing which tups to keep for himself, and is keeping an extra one for me.

You may remember I got some hay off him last year. Here is the pic I took that day, with his dogs Nell & Moy.


We had a good chat too, about sheep in general. I feel I have a slightly better idea in my head of what I want to do. A good (Cheviot) tup is the first step, now to add to the female side of the flock.

I still have to get this year’s lambing out of the way first. Still 3 to go!


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