First day of my holidays

I am now off work until the 7th of January, and I have lots of work to be getting on with on the croft. Today I got some chores out of the way, but I have a lot more to do.

I fed the rams first of all. They’ll be heading out to the village park next week, along with the rest of the village rams. They’ve done their work for the year, but I’ll continue to feed them. They’re joined here by my oldest cockerel – he keeps escaping from the hen run!

20131222-030039 am.jpg

After cleaning out the hen house (I’ll save you the pleasure of those pictures), I decided to give the sheep a bag of feed, just to keep them happy. I’m going to drench them next week and put half of them out into the apportionment on the moor. Plenty work to be getting in with.

20131222-030054 am.jpg

Finally, I went to the lambs. I am going to start them on feed next week. It’ll take a day or two to get them to figure out what to do, but after that it’ll be easy. Some of you may remember Lasarusina here, who has come on leaps & bounds from her first couple of days. She’s started on feed, so will hopefully encourage the others to partake!

20131222-030108 am.jpg

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