Holidaying ducks

My new ducks have recently discovered that there is a river, Abhainn Chrois, around 200 metres from my house. They’ve been trekking down there every day for the past week or so and yesterday I decided to go down and watch them.

I could hear them from the house, so I knew exactly where they were.

Yes, I am calling them as I would call the chickens, but they usually come too when I call the hens.

There are only 7 here, the 8th is the injured one, and she is still wary of venturing far from the hen houses, where she can hide.


I wasn’t on my own, Bud was down too. The ducks drive him absolutely bananas when they call out to each other. He was keen to go after them here.


The river isn’t far away, you can see the top of my house here, from the bottom of the hill.


I almost stood on this mink trap as well. I knew it was there but hadn’t seen it before. I don’t think a mink has been trapped there recently, although they did catch a ferret there in the past 2/3 weeks.


And finally Bud had to have a wee dip, didn’t he?


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