Bud up to 4 months of age

Bud arrived in mid-March, in place of my old dog, Jim (who I may write about at some point)

He settled in quite quickly, here he is dozing in a basket of clean clothes!

On his first walk in the croft.  In this photo, I think he looks like one of these toy dogs that does flips!

Training him early to get used to the tractor!

And the 4×4!

But all this work makes Bud a sleepy boy!

At least this time it was dirty clothes!

He gets hungry too – this is him eating his first rabbit!

My very own meerkat

This was his first time on the beach

Just Hangin’

He disappeared on me one Sunday afternoon – found him sound asleep on my bed!

Big Yawn

Full of energy


Trying to chew a whale bone in the front garden!

For the time being, I will leave you with this picture of him feeling sorry for himself, after hurting his paw running around the kitchen!  There will be many more Bud pictures – I guarantee that!

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