I am going to post a selection of my favourite photos from the last month or so. I can’t wait for spring, the extra hours of daylight will be a big help – as will some grass growing!

Gizmo wanting in


Returning a lost ewe to the flock


More repairs to the portacabin. Still awaiting payout from my insurer.


Hungry Hogg


Swollen eye


A couple of visitors



  1. Brilliant reading your blog Cove!!! Have you just started the blog or is it me that has happens not to know about it until now. Fantastic reading and seeing the photos ” Air a lot”. Great work and so interesting to read. Every so often I come across something funny that I try to send to you but not allowing me to. If you are interested then scroll down my timeline until you come to a photo of a sheep. You are missing a trick. This article is all about a Sheep Cafe!!! Lol. I am now expecting to visit a Sheep Cafe in Ness at Easter. Hope you can oblige!!! You do a Great Work and I am sure your site and blog will bring people to the Island to see crofting first hand. You are a great ambassador for Lewis and for Crofting. Well Done on fitting in your Media work in midst of all this. Well Done also to your folks who hold the Fort whilst you do this. Keep up the good work and will follow your blog with great interest, as well as ” Air a Lot”

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