I bought a portacabin!

I am buzzing just now! Shearing was cancelled so I nipped over to Stornoway this afternoon to do a little deal. I’d been looking for a shed/unit to use as a base for Air An Lot for a few weeks now and the For Sale sign in two portacabins caught my eye yesterday.

20140704-055359 pm-64439972.jpg

The one that looked great on the outside, didn’t look as good on the inside, while the tatty exterior on the other hid a nice, practical interior.

20140704-055523 pm-64523501.jpg

20140704-055524 pm-64524315.jpg

So I bought it. I’ll have to arrange for it to be taken over to Ness next week and figure out exactly where I’m going to put it.

My idea is to have somewhere for people to wait, get changed, hang their jackets etc, while also giving myself a wee office that’s not in my house.

I am very excited!

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