Work/Life Balance

I am extremely happy crofter tonight. The schools have closed today and I’m as happy as all the teachers and pupils who have the next 6 weeks off. Why? Well, I never have to work a Monday ever again!

I have been juggling croft work, Air An Lot, media work and football along with a full time job for quite a while now, so a couple of months ago I asked to reduce my hours. As of now, I am on 3.5 days a week; every Monday and every 2nd Friday off.

I think this will benefit all parties; I will have more time to get my Air An Lot plans up and running, along with plenty other things, while my work will get a happier, more motivated employee.

There is loads going on behind the scenes, which I’ll be able to share in a week or two; mainly getting ready for the 300 chickens which are due to come in a month!

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