Piglets arrive

I haven’t had piglets on my own croft since 2011. The last ones we had were on my neighbour’s croft and they went to slaughter in late 2012. I usually get weaners every second year, so it was about time I got some more.

I had booked 4 off my usual supplier at the beginning of the year, but he had some difficulties and I had to find some others. Fortunately I managed to find some piglets in Ness! I went down to collect them this week, a litter of 5.

20140615-094836 am-35316571.jpg

20140615-094835 am-35315455.jpg

Piglets being piglets means they tend to escape. It didn’t take too long catching them, and I had taken down one of Bud’s crates to transport them back to the van.

20140615-095029 am-35429129.jpg

That’s them in the container now. They arrived on Wednesday evening but, unfortunately, one of the piglets hadn’t been well and died. The other 4 are in great condition and enjoying life in their new home. They haven’t escaped. Yet……

20140615-095415 am-35655391.jpg

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