All at sea

Tonight I launched my dad’s boat and my neighbour’s boat. It was a perfect, flat calm night here and we headed down with the boats after work.

The boats are easier to launch in Skigersta and then taken round to their moorings in Port of Ness. Out boat went in first, before I went to get Donnie’s boat.

20140530-112013 pm-84013422.jpg

My pickup was the best vehicle for the job, so all I had to do was reverse down the slipway. Sounds easy but Skigersta is very long and very steep!

20140530-112205 pm-84125108.jpg

This was my view, we got it down easily.

20140530-112353 pm-84233544.jpg

Within 20 minutes, both boats were in the water. Donnie and James took his round, while my dad took ours round. A perfect night of boys and their toys!

20140530-112516 pm-84316056.jpg

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