Vet visit

Well, what a day. I had loads planned. Was going to drench the sheep that have lambed, while catching up on castrating & docking lambs, and also clean out the hen house. What did I manage? None of that. First thing was go to the barn to let out the twins that had been in since Friday night. There was some difficulty lambing them, but they came out ok in the end.

20140414-035613 pm.jpg

One of them was a little funny, so I was holding the sheep every so often, to make sure it got a feed.

20140414-035712 pm.jpg

So off I went to let them out today, as they seemed fine last night. The lamb I’ve been helping was slow to it’s feet and I noticed fresh blood down it’s leg. Uh-oh. Looked like a cut around it’s knee.

20140414-030433 pm.jpg

Off to the vet we went, for a look.

20140414-030439 pm.jpg

20140414-030505 pm.jpg

Turns out it wasn’t a cut, but some kind of blunt force trauma, with lots of bruising under the skin, about an inch either side of the knee. Who knows what caused it. No infection, as temperature was normal.

The lamb was given an anti-inflammatory jag and is now back with mum. I’ll keep them in for a few more days.

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