Lambing begins

20140326-080539 pm.jpg

Yes, the day is finally here. My first lamb arrived in the middle of the most glorious weather we’ve had this year.

Today was my first early start to check the sheep, as the sheep weren’t due to start until today anyway. I’ve been keeping an eye on them, but this was my first time in before 6am.

Anyway, mid-morning I noticed one sheep on her own. She was due to be one of the first to lamb, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I told myself it was just a coincidence.

20140326-080003 pm.jpg

A couple of hours later, I was doing some work in the same field and all the sheep came out to see me. Except for one. She came out part of the way, then stopped, lay down and out popped the lamb. What a beauty.

A really nice ewe lamb. Definitely a keeper, if it develops as it should. Didn’t take long for it to get on it’s feet. Delighted!

20140326-080033 pm.jpg


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