Pig Prep

I mentioned before that I’ve ordered some pigs for later on this year. Today, I started getting things ready for them.

The last time I had pigs, we shared the 4 between 4 of us. Meaning cost and responsibility was also shared. This year, I’m going it alone. I plan on selling the meat later on in the year.

The container we previously used had been moved off my croft, up to the croft next door, as it belonged to my late neighbour ‘Perky’, and the last pigs were on his land. I spoke to his widow, Willina, last week about using the container, and she was happy for me to do so.

My pal Stumpy was up last week, helping unload my new harrows. I asked him then if he’d move the container. He gave me a call this afternoon, as we were both free, and got it moved.

Stumpy has just finished building a new house, and bought a telehandler to help him. This was the perfect tool to move the container.

Stumpy climbed on top to hook on the straps.

20140213-072018 pm.jpg

The telehandler had gone in my croft and lifted the container back over the fence.

20140213-072110 pm.jpg

We came down the croft, back to the pen I normally use for pigs.

20140213-072255 pm.jpg

We had a bit of bother getting the container in place, so I didn’t take any more photos. The pig pen has the remains of some old blackhouses, so the container is sitting within one of them. It’s angled as well, to allow water to run out of it.

I bumped into Cudaig, who I get my pigs from, and he thinks I’ll have them in June. I’ll get the pen pig ready over Easter and we’ll be good to go then!


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