Odd jobs

My sheep were scanned on Tuesday, but I hadn’t sorted them or taken them home, so I did that today. I had left them out in our apportionment and it’s a quick walk back to the fank (dash it, I just remembered I forgot to close the apportionment gate!!)

The sheep were behaving today, and strolled straight in to where I wanted them.

20140213-075149 pm.jpg

I drenched them all for fluke and split my twins & triplets from singles. Not happy with the number of twins but what can you do!

I walked the singles home, before coming back out in the dark for the others with the trailer.

20140213-075335 pm.jpg

I hope to get some painting done now, over the next couple of days. I want to paint my chain harrows and also my small hen houses. I have three of them and think I’ll maybe sell one of them, I’d anyone is interested. This one is sitting in the barn now, having been cleaned, and will be painted soon.

20140213-075515 pm.jpg


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