I’m officially old

So yesterday I turned 30. I must admit to being a little freaked out by this; I still clearly remember making fun of friends turning 30, when I was about 19. I remember that so clearly, as if it was yesterday. Aren’t you supposed to be sensible and grown up once you hit 30? I don’t think I am!

Anyway, how did I mark this significant number? With a great day on the croft, how else??

First up was moving the sheep. They have been at the bottom of the croft for the past week, but we are scanning them on Tuesday, so I’ve taken them out to a field nearer the fank. It’ll now be a 10 minute job taking them out on Tuesday morning.

It was a perfect morning, lucky to get this weather.

20140209-083808 am.jpg

I had to move the hay ring and the mineral licks too. Perfect excuse to try out the new buck rake I got on Thursday!

20140209-083929 am.jpg

Moving the sheep themselves was quite straightforward, they followed me up the road, so I had time to take some pictures!

20140209-084138 am.jpg

Once they were in their new field, I noticed a hairy caterpillar. Don’t think it’s normal to see them at this time of year, but temperatures have been quite mild – I’ve even seen some decent grass growth in sheltered spots!

20140209-084632 am.jpg

20140209-084703 am.jpg

Once finished with the sheep, I had to do a spot of grinding. The new harrows have Cat 2 pins for linking to the tractor, which are too big to fit on my MF135. I had to cut these off and will replace them shortly.

20140209-085140 am.jpg

20140209-085204 am.jpg

Here is the bit I cut off

20140209-085813 am.jpg

And this is where it’s supposed to connect to the tractor. I suppose the pins shown here could be used on the harrows but I’m not sure if they’re strong enough.

20140209-090843 am.jpg

That was almost it, just a wee family get together later to celebrate my birthday. I have to share the cake I received (made by Eoropie Tearoom) couldn’t have been better!

20140209-090154 am.jpg


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