Don’t be shafted

Government and big business shafting crofters

Couldn’t agree more with the contents of this press release from the Scottish Crofting Federation. Our Scottish Government seem to be doing their utmost to kill off crofting in support of the larger agricultural holdings. Crofting is barely sustainable as it currently stands and any reduction in support will mean it will only be available to those who can afford it. Changes to the CCAGS grant scheme are extremely worrying as well, take that away and many, many developments are out of crofters’ reach.

I think focus has to be on responses to CAP consultation just now and make sure that we don’t get left even further behind. Saw lots of discussion on social media about how Scotland was losing out through CAP because of having to go through Westminster but why should be expect Edinburgh to be any better? I’m beginning to expect them to be even worse!!

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