I’m a genius

Sometime you have moments of inspiration which surprise yourself. Yesterday, I had one of them.

I was doing my usual Saturday morning chore of cleaning out the hen house floor. It’s covered in poo and saw dust, and takes a wee while cleaning it all out with the spade; maybe 15-20 minutes.

Just as I was starting, I thought I might try and use the snow shovel that has been sitting unused in my utility room for the past 2 years. We’ve had no snow to talk of in that time, so I haven’t actually ever used it. I thought the plastic might be a bit flimsy for the gunk on the hen house floor, but it was just perfect. I can’t describe how delighted I was!

5 minutes later, I had a pristine floor and it didn’t take long for me to lay down the fresh sawdust.

20140126-123116 pm.jpg

This will make mucking out so much easier and I might actually enjoy it, when the weather starts to improve!

The other plus point is that the eggs are coming thick & fast now, up to around 10 a day.

Won’t be long until the hens have paid off the hen house!

20140126-123126 pm.jpg

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