Another Accident

I haven’t posted much recently, because I had third crofting accident in a month. This one was bad though.

Myself and 2 other crofters were putting our rams out into the village park on Saturday 11th January. I jogged ahead with feed, so the rams would follow me, and ended up slipping on the wet ground. Landed with a bang on a rock which hit me just below the knee.

I was in agony all weekend and went for an X-ray on the Monday, there was no break, just bruising. I haven’t been able to do anything, other than the bare minimum of feeding etc. Back to normal this weekend though.

1 Comment

  1. Donald, God Bless You. Glad to hear you did not break anything. Next time, please be careful.
    And don’t do I what I did last year. I wrecked my right knee. On, the pain and agony I went through for 24 hours before I could see my Dr., Now better.

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