Nice day for drenching

What a good day’s work!

I had been meaning to drench the sheep for a week or two, but the weather or circumstances haven’t been suitable until today. Myself, my brother Murdo and my dad suited up and went to work. First we took the ewes from one of the crofts, out to the fank.

20131227-075041 pm.jpg

20131227-075050 pm.jpg

20131227-075058 pm.jpg

I am still struggling a little with the nail I stood on on Monday, so Murdo walked them out, while I cruised out in the pick up.

Once in the fank, we blitzed the drenching.

20131227-075107 pm.jpg

I took 15 sheep home, while the rest went out to the apportioned on the moor for a week or two.

20131227-075127 pm.jpg

Back at home, I gave the lambs their second Heptavac dose.

20131227-075157 pm.jpg

I am keeping them penned in for a day or two, to get them onto the sheep feed. The lambs haven’t been fed sheep feed before, apart from wee bits they’d have with their mothers, so they have to be persuaded to take it. Doesn’t take long, most are already eating it.

20131227-075214 pm.jpg

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  1. Love your car number plate. Was that as eff off comment from Murdo when you snapped him? haha. It was sad to read about the dolphin, such graceful creatures. Too much to eat and drink for Xmas Day so now waiting for the next big event, the Highland Games at Waipu on New Year’s Day. Always keep my ears open for a Gaelic accent. A few years ago I heard a couple talking and surprised them by asking which village they came from, Upper or Lower Shader. They nearly fell over with surprise. Turns out there was a family connection.

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