Christmas Eve

I am sitting at home, watching Raiders of the Lost Ark just now. I wasn’t expecting to, as I was convinced we would be without power due to the storm hitting us this evening. Winds got 96mph in Ness this morning and I tried to get all my chores done first thing, as it was forecast to be a lot worse this evening. I’m still waiting for the storm to pick up though!

This morning, my brother Innes had to help me, as I am struggling with a nail that I stood on yesterday. Yes, I did post about this last week, but I did it again yesterday – and worse this time! I wanted to make sure that the sheep were all fed, so I gave them one of the haylage bales I got from my cousin Murdo.

20131224-073449 pm.jpg

I’ve been a bit apprehensive about using haylage/silage with pregnant ewes before, but this stuff is excellent. Innes had to go get some of the sheep, as they couldn’t hear me call them over the wind.

We gave one to the lambs too before making sure the chickens had enough food and water. I think the wind and rain were at their height then, Innes was in his element!

Nollaig Chrideil nuair a thig i.

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