I love a busy Saturday

I haven’t had a busy Saturday in a while – and I think I missed them!

Today wasn’t my typical Saturday on the croft though. I started off this morning doing a spot of work for the BBC, linking in live 3 times to the Gaelic sport programme Spòrs na Seachdain from the Ness 5 & 10k. You can here it again here with the Ness bits at 6, 36 and 52 mins. Afterwards, I decided to run the 5k and finished with a time of 29.09 – not bad for someone like me!

20131207-042400 pm.jpg

Back to the croft then, and it was time for the rams and the sheep to go their separate ways. I got some big bales recently, so I got one of them in place first, in the field I was moving the sheep to. The pickup is quite a handy piece of kit!

20131207-042410 pm.jpg

It didn’t take long separating the sheep & rams, with the sheep settling into their new surroundings quite quickly – particularly with hay and mineral licks to keep them happy.

There’s also a wall and an old garage in this field, which offers shelter from gales.

20131207-042454 pm.jpg

I had to catch the rams too, as they have been wearing a harness for the past 6 weeks. Bud helped me and it was quite straightforward.

20131207-042417 pm.jpg

I also cleaned out the hen house and did some more boring jobs, but that’s me able to relax for the weekend now! Phew!

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  1. Excellent blog Donald. Keep it up. My Dad is from Cross-Skigersta, I grew up in SY, now in California, it is great to read what you’re up to in Ness. We did the coastal walk this summer (Eoropie-Galson) and must have walked past the end of your croft. Cheers, Derek

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