Lamb didn’t make it

I posted yesterday about a sick lamb that I had taken into the barn. Unfortunately when I went to check on it this morning, it was dead.

I posted this on my Air An Lot facebook page, promoting some discussion. My friend and former BBC colleague, Iain Stephen Morrison (who runs Uist Zwartbles) mentioned Heptavac P vaccine. Now this is something I have been meaning to start doing for a few years, but one of these things that is easily postponed and left on the to-do list.

Not any more. I went to the vet today and bought the vaccine. Hopefully I’ll be able to administer first dose on Saturday, with a second in 4-6 weeks.

But back to the job in hand, and I had to bury the lamb when I got home. Oh the joys.

20131104-082644 pm.jpg


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