Busier than I would like

I’ve just sat down after an hour or two of trying to diagnose and treat a sick lamb.

I went in for a walk with Bud earlier, and noticed one of the lambs lying down, when the rest were on their feet. This doesn’t necessarily mean their is anything wrong, but it made me suspicious – and I was right.

20131103-021745 pm.jpg

20131103-021809 pm.jpg

The rest of the lambs cleared off as soon as I jumped the fence, leaving this one on its own. Obvious now that there is something wrong. I went out to get the pickup but because of where it was, I had to carry it over 3 fences to get it to the vehicle.

20131103-021817 pm.jpg

Since then, I have taken it to an elder statesman in the village, for his opinion, and spoken to the vet. The vet suspects either a lungworm or pneumonia. I drenched the animals around a month ago, when we were dipping them, but it wasn’t my usual drench, so not 100% sure if it covered lungworm. I’ll have to check that. I’ve since bought some combinex, so I’ve given it some of that, and also started a course of penicillin.

It’s in the barn now and I’ll keep an eye on progress and call the vet out, if required.

20131103-021826 pm.jpg

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