Hen house & run complete

No more chickens around the house!

My run is finally complete and I will no longer have the hassle of chickens loose around the back of the house, pooing everywhere!

My new hen house has been ready for a few weeks, and the hens have been using it, but they keep coming down to the house during the day. Not any more.

I started putting the fence posts up 2 weeks ago but needed someone else’s help to put up the fencing itself. My father was available today, so we got cracking at 9am. We had the fence up by 11.


I’m pretty happy with how it is, but we needed to do some odd jobs around the run, making sure the chickens couldn’t get out (no predators here, so that’s not a concern). That took a couple of hours in the afternoon and then we rounded up all 44 chickens and got them into the run. They seemed to like it!


I will keep it under 50 hens, as you have to register if you have more than that. I’m hoping I’ll have a few eggs to welcome me tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

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