Rams let loose

There are a couple of boys on the croft who have been waiting impatiently for this day – and it’s finally come.

I got my sheep ready yesterday and let the boys out to do their thing today. First of all, I had to pick up the new ram that I had agreed to buy. I popped down to the other end of Ness for him.

Here he is with Duncan Mackinnon, former Traditional winner at the Mòd and stockman for the people I’m buying him from.


I took him home, drenched him and fitted him with his lingerie! A harness which holds a paint block, which then marks the sheep that the ram had served. This lets me know that a) the ram is doing his thing and b) when each sheep has been served.


I then let him loose with the ewes, didn’t take him long to introduce himself!



That’s the Cheviot out, the Suffolk was also let loose with his half of the animals. Now all I have to do is wait!

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