I’m on holiday all week and staying at home, so expect lots of posts!

I’ve had a £200 load-liner for my pickup sitting in the barn for 6 months and decided that it was about time I fitted it!

I went out my parent’s house to do it, as all the tools are in the barn. First thing was to clean the interior, which Martin helped me do (I bribed him with lunch).


The hardest part was removing the flat-top that was fitted. Took me about an hour. Not easy to lift off on your own either!


The load liner was then fitted in a couple of minutes. Ta-da!


Now I have a decision to make; do I put the flat-top back on? Right now, I don’t think so. It’s not practical enough for me. Here is before and after, does it affect aesthetics of he pickup?



It’s definitely not going back on this week, as I have lots of stuff to move about. It’s already been put to good use, with the power-washer there just now.



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