The wanderer returns

I hope this lamb (left) will be waiting for me when I get home!


This is from North Rona, an island 40 miles north of Lewis. I got a ewe lamb from there this year, bought in our Ness Gala Day auction.

You can see here how far north it is, well on the way to the Faroes! Rona is the less well-known neighbour of Sulasgeir, where the Guga Hunt takes place, being only 6 miles away. Rona is a lot bigger and very fertile and used to provide enough for families to live there. Here is a link to pictures from my trip to Sulasgeir & Rona this summer.


The Rona sheep are hardy and wild. It’s survival of the fittest out there and they see very few people, hence why this one isn’t keen on being fenced in.

It was delivered a couple of weeks ago, but went AWOL 48 hours later. Was first spotted on Cross Machair (about a mile north), then appeared in the Dell Gleann (1 mile South East). It was in with someone else’s beasts and I took it home today, as they’d been penned.

It seems to have calmed down, so hopefully no more grief!

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  1. Donald, I just don’t know what to say about your wonderful photos. I think I have used up all of the beautiful adjective words in the English language. I sure do love all of the animals. My favorite is the Puffin Birds. Keep the photos coming.

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