Several months ago, I had agreed to buy a ram lamb off another Ness crofter. I need a new Cheviot ram, as I lost my own ‘Big Fellow’ last winter. He’d served me well and was the best & friendliest ram I ever had.

Here he is eating from my hand, last winter.


So, back to the ram lamb I’d agreed to buy. Because it was all in order, I hadn’t looked at any other options or thought about it at all. I saw the other crofter on Monday morning and he said that he’d be gathering them later and I could come down for it.

I did that, only to be told the lamb had died on the machair!

Uh-oh. I made a quick call to one of my pals, Coinneach Roddy (his family flock have their own Facebook page) and he we have agreed the purchase of a Shearling. Phew!

I’ll pick him up later on this week.

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