A concern

A slightly worrying turn of events in the last couple of days. Next door told me that their cat & dog had got worked up by something at the end of last week, suspected to be a mink or ferret.


I got in touch with one of the mink trappers, from the Outer Hebrides Mink Project, to come and have a wee look.

Mark turned up with his Bedlington Terrier, who soon confirmed that there had indeed been a mink or ferret nearby. The dog followed the track right along the side of my new chicken run and hen house. Not good news!

Mark’s going to come back and set a couple of traps in the next few days, hopefully that will catch them before they cause any damage. The dog also smelt some rats next to the barn next door.

there are quite a few ferrets near us. Mark has caught several about 50m from me, down by Cross River, and this poor pictures ferret was drowned in a bath on my croft back in March.


I’ll update once there is some progress!

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  1. Donald, that was very interesting. Just the other day, David spotted a Coyote in the front yard after he picked up the morning newspaper. That does happen quite a lot. It seems that when a new sub-division is being built, it damages the homes of all of the wild animals. So we are now seeing a lot of animals coming in to the City.

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