Chicken Run

What a beautiful, relaxing and satisfying day.


We have a long weekend here, so I’m off work Friday-Monday. These are the first days off I’ve had this year, when I haven’t had filming or lambing to do as well.

My chickens have been bothering me for a while now. They’re all round the house and making a mess around the back door, as well as laying their eggs in the long grass and losing them. So the new hen house is now ready and I’m building a run around it, for the hens.

Today was a beautiful day and I got cracking mid-morning, putting up the posts. I ordered the posts from the Crofters several weeks ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to erect them.

Corner posts went in first. I used postcrete for them – magnificent stuff!




I was very happy with how the posts ended up. Just perfect!


Ii had Bud out with me for the day as well. He’s actually starting to behave himself off-lead!

The regular posts were next. This didn’t take too long.


I had to stand on the tailgate of the pickup to knock them in. These are 8 foot posts, to allow the fence to be 2 rolls high.


I managed to get half the posts in tonight and I should be able to get the rest finished before lunch tomorrow. Pretty chuffed with how it looks so far. More of the same tomorrow!




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