Hen House 2.0

My hen house is now finished, but still no hens have moved in. I cannot wait to get them in there, but I’m waiting for it to be perfect before I do!

In the past few weeks, the Comunn Eachdraidh, based next door in Cross School, have had interior insulation applied throughout the building. I’ve managed to wangle getting all the off-cuts from this work, to be used in the hen house!


That’s the work they’re carrying out in the school.

My father and I worked on it an evening this week and most of Saturday morning. It’s progressing well.



The roof has been covered with plywood, as have part of the walls. Hopefully the chickens will appreciate this when the winter really hits!


This part of it is just about finished, but what I want to do before getting the chickens in the hen house, is erect a fence around it. I’m fed up of the chickens being around the house. They make such a mess! Hopefully I’ll get that done over the next fortnight.


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